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MBGP FIRED UP Dec 7, 2019

Long before the sun came up, riders and families flowed into Speedworld Indoor Kart track for the kickoff of our MBGP 2019/2020 Winter season. With the incredible skills gained last year, a good number of our Intermediate class riders have moved up to Expert and this allowed for only Junior and Expert classes being run for the first event. Massive track time for everyone and little break between sessions. The track was a little challenging due to warm outdoor temps, and resulting indoor humidity, but the grip came in as the riders threw down countless laps.


Leading the pack by the end was perennial fast guy Ayden Rosas-Leon with daily best time 18.112 aboard a Capitol Motosports very nicely built KTM 65SX.

Next best was Curtis Thienpondt

a few 10ths back at 18.454 on board his Motovert 150cc torque monster.

Without question the story of the day was young Jessica Rand also competing on a Capitol Motosports KTM 65SX.

Jessie is now in her first full year of Expert class and threw down the 3rd best time of 18.573, just a half second off her all time best. she's picked up right where she left off last season and when asked she said "My goal is to get a 17, I can do it!".

In Junior class, returning for her 2nd year, Kaylee Folmes ditched her PW in favour of a

sweet KTM50 and was joined by new members Marshall Fox and Eli Keyes.

Watching these young stars hone their skills is simply amazing, and the smiles when those helmets come off, priceless!


Thanks to everyone who came out to the season opener! We'll see you next week for a double header Saturday and Sunday morning!

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